This is a preliminary overview of workshops. Check back regularly while the program develops.

Masterclass Li Edelkoort


24 MAY 2013
Especially for the 25th Forecast of the NII (Nederlands Interieur Instituut, english translation: Dutch Interior Institute) our wellknown dutch trendforecaster Lidewij Edelkoort will present her Trendforecast Interior & Lifestyle 2015  at the impressive EYE museum near central station Amsterdam. On Friday the 24th of may our NII members will receive the exclusive custom made trendbook after Lidewij’s Masterclass.

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International Student Workshop "Tactual Senses"

International workshop of 400 years canal houses by means of 400 one minute movies about the tactile qualities of living, working and staying on canal houses from an interior architectural perception. Not a standard recording of reality, but for example a special view of a detail, a shadow, a worn staircase, a completely renovated floor, wrongly restored window frame, the real canal green; in short, a visual story that gives a new insight in canal houses of the last 400 years in 400 minutes told.

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International influences on Dutch interiors

Stichting Het Nederlandse Interieur (SHNI) stimulates the integrated multi-disciplinary research of the interior by assembling knowledge and views. In 2013 SHNI organizes a series of lectures, excursions and workshops on the international influences on the development of the Dutch interior. Ancient influences (Egypt, China, Italy), colonial influences (The Dutch West and East Indies) and recent international cultural diversity will be considered.