World Interiors Salon

The inamsterdam World Interiors Salon will be the event where Dutch designers and industry highlight the best of the best in Dutch interior and design.

Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
Postponed to 2014 
The inamsterdam World Interiors Salon will be the event where designers and industry highlight the best of the best in interior and design. It’s not a fair, not a product presentation but an integrated presentation showing design and innovation in a new and innovative form, challenging opinions and debate on what is known and familiar. Supervised by curator Andrea van Pol, groups of complementary producers and furnishers together with designers build experimental environments that showcase their products. Within the theme’s ‘Young, Lifestyle and Care’ a team of designers, including Evelyne Merkx (Merkx), Eline Strijkers (DoepelStrijkers), Ira Koers, Hans Marechal (M+R Interior Architects), Jeroen Dellissen and Jaspar Jansen (i29), Jan Geysen (Puur Interieurarchitecten, Antwerpen Be) and Maurice Mentjens, create experimental environments in which a spatial experience prevails. Designers and industry from China and India will add international flavour, bringing interesting cultural diversity and attractiveness for an international audience.
In the Beurs van Berlage a house with ten rooms will be build. A ‘house’ as a structure, built from reusable scaffolding, without facades, with only interior separations, floors and ceilings, that form connected and stacked rooms. Ramps and stairs, creating a route through the house, interconnect the rooms. On the top of the building is the terrace, where a special restaurant will be set. On the journey through the house the theme’s chain together as a route through life; Young, Lifestyle, Care. The select group of leading interior architects create challenging experimental environments in close collaboration with industry partners. The design teams are challenged by curator Andrea van Pol to go beyond the beaten path. Designers will seek a dialogue with the audience by reflecting on the spirit of times. Not futuristic, but innovative. Not only with attention for aesthetics but rather for associative and sensitive qualities an emotional engagement for the user/visitor develops. With well-considered use of sustainable materials, made with quality and perfectly detailed, by going beyond discipline borders a multi-coloured identity is created. 
Download the preliminary brochure (19-02-2013, in Dutch)
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