A thousand chairs

The World Interiors Meeting, the international top event for the professional community is taking place in the Beurs van Berlage, a building that is not originally designed as a conference hall. For the convention the main conference hall will be filled with all the chairs of Dutch make.

Sofa’s in front, side-chairs in the middle, office chairs in the back. All makes and models mixed, yet adequately labeled. The stage is like a catwalk in the middle, forcing speakers to move around and spectators to look at each other as well. An enticing and provocative setting that gives something to talk about, free publicity and unconstrained sponsor participation.
After the congress the chairs will be auctioned for a broad audience at the inmarket (see below) and revenues will go to charity.
Na afloop van het congres worden de stoelen geveild op de inmarkt (zie hieronder), waarbij de opbrengst geheel ten goede zal komen aan een goed doel.
More information on www.1000stoelen.nl
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