Interiors collection Stedelijk Museum

Reopening after a renovation and extension that took more than 8 years the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art will once again claim it’s spot as the foremost museum of design in the Netherlands. Its design collection is one of the most outstanding in the world, with among others furniture, textiles, appliances and objects in wood, glass, ceramics, metal, plastics and synthetics, jewelry, posters and graphic design, but also complete interiors by Gerrit Rietveld. Connections with the outstanding collections of modern art are present in ceramics and textiles by Picasso and furniture by Donald Judd.

The Stedelijk Museum is currently under construction and plans to reopen in 2012. It houses a unique collection, embracing a wide variety of disciplines: painting, sculpture, film and video art, works on paper, artists’ books, photography, the applied arts and design. No other collection in the Netherlands can rival it in breadth and depth.
Outstanding names and movements are Breitner, Matisse, Malevich, Mondrian, Rietveld and De Stijl, the Bauhaus, Cobra and post-1945 American Art, with stars like Newman, Kelly, Pollock, Stella, Warhol and – in our own day – Nauman, Kiefer, Merz and Sottsass. The photographic collection is the oldest belonging to any museum of modern art in Western Europe and the collection of film and video art is similarly unique in terms of age.
After the re-opening, the new building, designed by the Dutch bureau Benthem Crouwel Architects,
will give the Stedelijk Museum substantially more exhibition space. In fact, more than ever before the museum will be able to display its collections.

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