Excursions Amsterdamse School Interiors

Next to it's regular excursion program Museum het Schip will arrange a number of special excursions in extraordinary Amsterdamse School Interiors that are usually closed for the public.

 The Amsterdam School was a new movement with a lot of ideals about society..
The Amsterdam School originated as an association of friends and took over from the Amsterdam society of architects Architectura et Amicitia in 1916. Revolutionaries such as De Klerk, Kramer, Van der Mey, Staal, Gratama and Wijdeveld had ambitious political ideals. They explored new forms that reflected their vision of society. The time had come to abandon old shapes and to seek solutions that differed from Berlage's approach. While he had discontinued the traditional designs inspired by the past, his basic, straightforward style was indeed a dry alternative. Instead, the new Amsterdam School exuberantly conveyed the architecture's dynamics and structure, using vivid colours and materials and extensive ornaments. Much of this embellishment is dedicated to architecture's spatial role. Amsterdam School buildings determine and manipulate their surroundings, both outside and inside. They also tend to focus on characteristics of their context, such as elegant squares, secluded residential streets or idyllic outdoor areas.
Organisation: Museum het Schip
Location: TBA
Date and time: TBA
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