Contemporary living in a historic canal-mansion

The private museum Geelvinck, located in a historic Amsterdam canal mansion, focuses on showing today’s living room from different perspectives. For 2013 (and already anticipatory in the preceding months), the museum, together with partners in the field, plans to materialize several exhibitions on the theme of interior design.

These relatively small exhibitions – rather magazine-like – target at giving the visitor an inspirational experience (edutainment) relating the living room interior to the past and to other cultures. The history of the mansion and its inhabitants (especially the ladies) often serve as its starting point. The exhibitions are not only based on topics related to design and applied arts, but also on civic themes and topics related to the social uses of the living room and e.g. the soundscape, the food and drinks served at home etc. In line with these exhibitions the Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis plans for related workshops, discussion forums, chamber concerts, horticultural and culinary events.

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