Caring Interiors

A book on interiors in the healthcare industry.
This publication takes stock of recent research and development and showcases the most talked about examples of healing environments in an accessible way for a greater audience. Working title: ‘Caring Interiors’.

The new hospitality approach that was introduced by many healthcare institutions will be evaluated with best practices of well designed interiors in the Netherlands and abroad. While the need for care is often seen as an undesirable and expensive state of being, the publication aimst to lift the general idea of inferiority and exclusion.
size: ca. 200 pages:

·       Introduction.
·       Introductory essay, by Fiona de Vos on the importance of well designed interiors for the well-being of residents, patients and healthcare providers, and the effects on the organisation of healthcare in terms of efficiency, workers satisfaction, costs etc. 
·       Introductory essay: A general view on the state of the art of health care interiors.
·       Ca. 25 projects with pictures, showing interiors in a 'live' situation. Per project a short description of max. 500 words.
o  Projects will be classified by themes proceeding from the healing environment theory. 
o  Per project a theme will be highlighted, showing succes and fail factors in pictures and notes. 
o  Photografy: A mix of interior design overviews, details and human interest.
o  Text: consize and relevant comments from the theory of healing environments, and apt naratives that emphasize the teory.
o  Details that deal with the quality of care, not primarily with architectural perfection.
Editors: Kees Spanjers, Fiona de Vos, Franke van den Broek, Nicoline Ekama van Dorsten, Matthijs Borghgraef (photography).