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The book Amsterdams interiors will show the highlights of 400 years of rich Amsterdam interiors tradition. Interiors from the 17th century to contemporary will be shown in excellent new photography supplemented with their concise yet fascinating background stories. 

The publication is aimed on a broad international audience. A carefully edited edition with strong visual content and succint information.
Foto Roos Aldershof

 The book will be chronologically and thematically arranged around the twin concepts private-collective. This principle allows to reflect the broad scope of the subject from an attractive contrast. Both historical and contemporary interiors will be covered.
The domestic interior will be highlighted extensively. Not only the appealing art-historical sound ones, but also typical non-designed interiors that reflect a particular social or cultural historical value.
Public interiors, such as café’s, restaurants, schools, train-stations, schools, churches, hospitals and elderly homes form a second group. 
Known and famous examples of interior design will be shown next to some unknown gems. Public accessibility will be another important criteria for inclusion.
Photographic material is crucial for a general-interest publication and directional for this book. All interiors will be photographed anew by well-known architecture photgrapher Roos Aldershoff.
After a short introduction on the Dutch interior and an account on the selection, 40 interior portraits will follow. Authors of these portraits will be Dr. Eloy Koldeweij, Marieke Kuipers, Frans van Burkom, Niek Smit, Ronald Stenvert, Coert Krabbe, Monique Teunissen and David Keuning.
Recent research on Amsterdam Interiors by the National Service for Cultural Heritage and the Monuments and Archeology Department of the City of Amsterdam will be included in the book.

Publisher: World Interiors Event 2013

Editor: Radboud van Beekum
Coördinator: Andrea Prins
Photographer: Roos Aldershoff
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