Caring Interiors

A book on interiors in the healthcare industry.
This publication takes stock of recent research and development and showcases the most talked about examples of healing environments in an accessible way for a greater audience. Working title: ‘Caring Interiors’.

amsterdam interiors

The book Amsterdams interiors will show the highlights of 400 years of rich Amsterdam interiors tradition. Interiors from the 17th century to contemporary will be shown in excellent new photography supplemented with their concise yet fascinating background stories. 

Public Interiors

In 1993 ARCAM published a much talked-about book, entitled "public Interiors", and devoted to interesting (semi)public interiors in the city. In 2013, twenty years after this publication, the city appears to have changed also in this respect. It is therefor tempting to consider now already to give new attention to the phenomenon public interior in 2013. The theme is maybe more than ever important because the city of Amsterdam in writing it's DNA likes to refer to aspects as openness and hospitality.

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